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Can I order by phone?
Certainly Yes! However, we prefer that you place your order on our website to assure accuracy, priority and security. Entering your credit card number on our website assures that nobody at can view your entire card number. Taking credit card information over the phone can be much less "secure" than you entering it on a secure website, and is something we refrain from doing. If you feel you need to place your order by phone, you may call our toll-free number to order: 1-888-462-5008. Please be ready with your quantities, product numbers, engraving/imprinting specifications, shipping and billing address, phone number, shipping preference and date order is needed. Email this information to us if you like. We will process your order and send you a secure payment link by email. Website orders will take priority over phone orders.
The credit card industry has taken fraud very seriously and suggests that card numbers are entered electronically over a safe and secure website . Accepting card data over the phone is frowned upon and although permitted, it is not considered ideal protocol or secure. Accepting card data over the phone exposes to additional liabilities and increases our responsibilities in the forms of security checks and requirements. For this reason, we may ask that once your phone order is placed, you will have to sign in to your account and enter your credit card information yourself.
Otherwise, e-mail us your order at with all applicable information, and call us toll free at 1-888-462-5008 with your credit card information, (we do not recommend sending credit card information by e-mail).
Do I have to assemble my awards?
  All neckbands will come folded together and unattached to the medals. This prevents the neckbands from becoming wrinkled, and soiled by the medal. All neckbands come with a "quick clip" which allows you to quickly and easily attach to your medals. You may pay an additional fee if you desire, and we will attach the neckbands to your medals.

We will adhere and apply all engraved backtags!
How do I send artwork?

Please e-mail us your art at [email protected] (in the e-mail subject line put "Art for Order Number XXXX")

Vector artwork is ideal as opposed to raster or bitmap images. We accept the following file formats: cs5, .ai (version 8 or lower preferred), .eps, .cdr (version 11 or lower), or pdf. Be sure to convert text to curves. Text substitutions may delay production.

If you must send a raster image, please send it as a jpeg or gif file in high resolution (300-600 dpi).

Sending 2 different kinds of files is encouraged, as it allows us a better chance of successfully opening one of your files, and it allows us to compare the two for inconsistencies.

Following is an article that may answer some questions you might have about submitting digital artwork in an acceptable format.

Click on this link for more information about how you can ideally provide us your artwork.
Material submitted for use to Everwood Industries, Inc. for producing an order and making custom products is accepted as being in full compliance with all laws in regards to copyright, trademark, patent, privacy rights, service marks, trade dress and the likes. You agree that by submitting such material for our use in producing your order that these laws will not be violated, and Everwood Industries, Inc. disclaims all liability for compliance with these laws. You agree to hold Everwood Industries, Inc. harmless for any damages, costs and/or expenses arising under these laws as a consequence of Everwood Industries, Inc. use of the aforementioned material.

In addition, any logos, artwork, designs or trademarks displayed on pictured products on Everwood Industries, Inc./ website are for demonstration ofour processes, methodologies and engraving capabilities and are not intended to represent product endorsed by or produced for the owners of the logos, artwork, design or trademarks.

In designing or creating any
Everwood Industries, Inc. product, customer will not use any content or design that in our sole judgment we believe to be controversial or offensive, would subject us to legal liability, or would damage our brand, reputation or business. We will not be held legally liable for use of your text, content or designs, and it is your responsibility to be sure your design/content and text follow the guidelines below. We reserve the right to not make your product and cancel your order.

Examples of what is prohibited include:

  • Any content, logo, art, text and/or design that may infringe copyright in any manner.
  • Any content, logo, art, text and/or design that may infringe any patents or trademarks
  • Content, art, design, logos and/or text that may advocate social, political, legal, moral or religious agenda in a way that may appear controversial to others.
  • content, art, text and/or designs that are deceptive, libelous, defamatory, threatening, hateful, vulgar, obscene or pornographic
  • content, art, text, and/or design that is profane, uses profanity, or references drug, nudity, violence or sexual connotations

I want engraved tags on the back of my medals.
  For an additional charge we will adhere a thin professional looking laser engraved tag to the back of your medal(s) with your custom wording. All tags are either metallic brushed gold, silver or bronze with black copy. To order tags, find your desired medal and choose "yes" in the drop down menu under the option category entitled "engrave tags on back of medal?" Then underneath this section in the box simply type in the text you want engraved on the tag(s). If the text is lengthy or it changes (i.e. - different names), choose the "e-mail text" option, and e-mail us your engraving text specifications after check-out referencing your order number in the "subject" line. Select any additional options you desire for this medal (i.e - finish color & ribbon color), specify your quantity, and then add the medal(s) to your cart. Continue shopping if you desire. At your shopping "cart" you may enter your state and zip code and subsequently choose your shipping method. Be sure to click "recalculate" to register any changes you have made to your cart.

At final check out you will encounter an "Order Comments" box. In this box you can specify any other special requirements you might have for the engraved text/copy on your tags, (this is optional). When specifying text, be as specific as possible, and please check your spelling. We will engrave the tags exactly as specified, so be sure to use CAPS and lower case as you see fit. If you you desire, you may also call or e-mail us your copy at [email protected]

More about ordering medals on our website.
  To order medals, click on the sport or activity you are interested in. Many medals will be displayed. Click on the medal you desire. Here you can read about the this medal below using the description and technical spec tabs. Specify the medal finish color medal you want. Specify if you want an engraved tag on the back of the medal, and if so include the text you desire. E-mail us the engraving specifications if your text is lengthy or there are name changes - be sure to reference your order number. Click the "add to cart" button, and you will see this medal in your shopping cart. Under quantity specify the number of this item you desire. Enter in your zip code and state in the shipping area. Click the blue "recalculate" button, and you see the total price as well as a drop down menu with shipping options and costs. Select a shipping option and click "recalculate" for a new total. If you wish to shop for more medals or accessories, click on the yellow "shop for more items." Continue by selecting an additional product, and adding it to your cart, specify the quantity, and click on recalculate, before proceding with additional shopping. For example, if you wanted 30 medals all the same but 10 in gold, 10 in silver, and 10 in bronze, with 5 gold medals with the same engraving, you would need to add this medal to your shopping cart 4 seperate times. Your cart additions would be as follows: specify 5 medals in gold with no engraving and add to cart, specify 5 medals with engraving and add to cart, specify 10 medals in silver and add to cart, specify 10 medals in bronze and add to cart. Here's an important note: qauntity discounts are applied to each medal product id independent of color and engraving options. In other words a quantity of 30 of the same medal in different color finishes and engraving configurations is still treated as 30 for quantity discount consideration.
How do I find my product?
  To find the product(s) you're looking for, you may (1) use the navigation menus on the top, left & bottom of our website, or;  (2) type a keyword into the SEARCH box. If you have any trouble locating a product, feel free to contact customer service for assistance.
How do I navigate this website?
  To navigate this website, simply click on a category you might be interested in. Categories are located on the top, left & bottom of our website. QUICK TIP: Place your mouse cursor over anything you think could be a clickable link. You'll notice that anytime you scroll over something that is a link, your mouse cursor will become a "hand". Whereas scrolling over anything that is NOT a link will leave your cursor as an "arrow". You may also type a keyword into the SEARCH box to quickly find a specific product. If you have any trouble locating a product, feel free to contact customer service for assistance.
How do I use a coupon?
  On certain occasions we may send out coupons to select customers. After adding items to your cart, click the "View Cart" link at the top of this site to view your cart. At the bottom of the shopping cart you'll see a box where you may enter your coupon code.