About Custom DIE CAST Medals
Customized Medals


How are your Custom Made Medals better than your competitors?
There are many good medal manufacturers out there, however please be aware that most of the time you get what you pay for. When looking at a medal's quality, consider the following:
1. Is the thickness of the medallion equal to what was promised, or did the manufacturer decrease the thickness to save on costs? Most medals have thicknesses of at least 3mm. Does the medal feel "substantial" and does it have considerable weight relative to its size?
2. Are the letters and images clear, crisp and detailed? (Less Clarity can result from a rubber "spin cast" mold, you may want to insist on a mold or die)
3. Is the buffing and plating consistent across all medals?
4. On antique finishes, are the medallion's edges buffed, or did the manufacturer cut corners by leaving all the edges blackened.
5. Are the ribbons attached with clips and jump-rings that match the medal's plating? For example, antique silver jump rings should be used on antique silver medals.
6. Is each medal attached to a neckband, poly-bagged and packaged properly?

How are the custom die cast medals made and what about mold fees?
Custom medals are typically liquid cast in a mold or die. Dies are made by skilled artisans, and high tech 3D CNC's. Medals cast in steel molds/dies show amazing detail and quality. Many manufacturers will use a disposable rubber mold (spin cast) which decreases mold/die charges and overall costs but produces a less detailed medal and sometimes some inconsistencies. Our factory uses a steel die/mold.

What finishes are available on your custom cast medals?
The finish color of your medals is up to you! Common finishes are Antique or Shiny/Polished or Matte in Gold, Silver, and Bronze, or solid White, or solid Black. Antique finishes tend to be lower in cost than Shiny/Polished. There are usually no added charges for mixing finishes.

What is your minimum order and delivery time?
We have a strict minimum quantity requirement of 200 or more medals of the same mold/design. Finishes can vary, along with the neck ribbons. Typical production time will run approximately 5-8 weeks minimum.
If you need custom medals sooner you may want to consider one of our other Custom Medal options.

What about artwork and do I need it?
Vector artwork is required for submittal to the foundry for production. We require you to provide your high quality artwork that you'd like turned into a medal.
We can typically make small design changes like changing colors, adding text, etc. but any major work will incur a design time fee. We normally do NOT create art from scratch. See information on acceptable art files HERE and HERE.

Can I add color?
Yes, medals can be color filled with enamel, glittered enamel, or glow in the dark enamel. Adding color to your medal is often well worth it if you have a logo or design where you want to maintain branding. You will be surprised how much color adds to the overall look of your medal!

What is 2D and 3D?
"2D" or two dimensional custom medals maintain two or more flat plains or levels. Most often, a 2D medal has a low recessed level and a raised higher flat level.
"3D" or three dimensional medals have variations or graduations in levels making images look more realistic. Three Dimensional molds are more expensive to make.

What makes a custom die cast medal look good?
As you might expect, the final appearance of your medal has a lot to do with the art. Not to mention, a medal's beauty really is in the "eye of the beholder." This aside, a medal with an abundance of raised area tends to enhance its appearance. Medals with a large amount of open recessed areas may look bare and empty, and actually reduce the overall weight of your medal. Often, adding a slight texture to the medal's recessed background area can help the overall appearance.

Do you make your custom die cast medals at your facility?
Our die cast medals are manufactured overseas by talented artisans with the highest quality, fastest turnaround, and superior prices. Outsourcing overseas is very common in the Awards Industry. We have a great relationship with our foundry overseas.
We are a certified manufacturer's representative for our die cast medals. Most American and Foreign die cast medal manufacturers work through dealers and reps such as us, instead of selling direct. If you're wanting a medal *made "in-house" at our facility in Minnesota, consider one of our other Custom Medal options.

*Some medals are still originally produced overseas and we offer finishing options like adding custom inserts or printed art, with a quicker turn-around time as they are in our US inventory.

What kind of Neckbands do you offer?
For Custom Die Cast Medals, we typically we offer 7/8" wide or 1.5" wide x 34" long neckbands - either sewn attached or attached with jump-rings.

Stock solid colors offered by the foundry are:

Other solid colors usually incur an additional small fee for the material.

We can instead full color sublimate custom neck ribbon - this is a great option to go along with your CUSTOM medal: Custom Neck Ribbons - which are typically only pennies more than solid colors. This is also the only medal that we currently offer custom Neck Ribbons with.

Can you provide designs on both sides of the medals?
Yes, most medals tend to be one-sided, but we do offer double-sided. This will incur an additional fee for the second side of the mold for the medals.

What size and thicknesses are your medals?
The standard thickness we offer is 3mm, but if you'd like a different thickness please specify this.

Pricing came in too high....what can we do to obtain decrease the cost?

To reduce the price of your medals, you might consider the following:
1. Increase the quantity (bulk quantities = lower unit cost)
2. Decrease the medal thickness
3. Decrease the medal size
4. Request a standard solid color neck ribbon
5. Eliminate color fills
6. Have your art completed "in-house" if possible, to avoid design time fees
7. Change plating from "shiny/polished" to "antique"
8. Change from 3D design to 2D design

What's next?
We would be happy to give you pricing. Please fill out a QUOTE REQUEST.
Thank you for your interest!